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Monday, July 23 2018

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Rory Freeman reunites with the men, and is prompty axed
Authored by: norcalfella onFriday, November 05 2004
Poor Rory. He survived the females for a while, got back with his men and then sent to the curb. Worse yet, Probst/Burnett arranged the votes to relfect Ami Cusack with the first 4 before revealing he had the final 6.

I somewhat expected the women to stick together, especially at first and some think that Julie and Twila will go after Ami again at the next tribal council. If they do, it does make a lot of sense for them. When it gets to 7, they simply need to grab the remaining two women and pluck off the men. That scenario leaves them a guaranteed spot in the final 4 instead of just the final 6 where they would be at a 4-2 disadvantage against women who shared the beach together for several days on a different tribe.

My newest picks are Ami this week, Eliza next week and then they go for the fellas.

that's my take