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Monday, July 23 2018

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Amazing Race hits syndication
Authored by: norcalfella onSaturday, June 11 2005
Reality show repeats are all the rage this summer as several shows have been signed for syndication. Past seasons of Amazing Race will show up on GSN although many of you probably don't get the Game Show Network so you're out of luck.

Those of you who do will get to see treasures like the hated Team Guido, the priceless Danny and Oswald and a few other great teams from the early seasons.

The biggest knock on reality shows is that while they are normally cheaper to produce than sitcoms there is no syndication value. Friends sold for something like (I dare say, please correct me if you know) $1B. On a related note, this is why Joey was renewed by NBC but The Contender was not. Now the reality shows might recover a lit of coin for networks.

Survivor will appear on the Outdoor Life Network (if you don't have digital cable plus forget it) and America's Next Top Model will show up on VH1.

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