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Thursday, July 19 2018

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We\'re afraid of efficiency and humor
Authored by: dbsmall onMonday, March 03 2003
Point of clarification: I think the paper is worthy of a low grade. I sincerely doubt the student intends to turn papers in in this form, always. I\'ll bet it was just teenage immaturity/trying to be funny. So give her a low grade and move on. It has nothing to do with the degradation of society... (By the way, I remember being told that the fall of Western civilization would result from a board with 4 wheels---the skateboard, when I was a kid. It\'s like the Fresh Prince said...parents just don\'t understand.)
We\'re afraid of efficiency and humor
Authored by: futurenow onTuesday, March 04 2003
I remember writing an essay on Faulkner with no punctuation or grammer to make a point about how horrible I thought the Sound and the Fury was. My teacher didn\'t think it was that funny either, although she was able to understand it. Somehow society survived Faulkner and other \"great\" writers who \"experimented\" for the sake of art.

In the big picture I would see the rise of SMS as part of a century long trend toward a more \"conversation\" written language as writing has become a more common part of our society. Consider that there has only been an english dictionary for ~250 years and widespread public education for 150 years. It would be interesting to map \"average\" (over the total population of U.S./Europe) literacy over the last 200 years to see when it \"peaked\". Then again what is literacy?

Even if I could read SMS short-hand, I can see from the translation of the essay in question that it is not very compelling/moving/interesting, etc so I don\'t care whether it was written with perfect grammer, it still was a poor essay.