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Thursday, June 21 2018

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Classic Form of....
Authored by: Anonymous onSunday, April 20 2008
DIVIDE and CONQUER.... way to go Keith!!!! 

It's even better watching it the second time around...  LoL

I don't know what those Original WHINNNNNERS were talking about with the four finalists being back-stabbers, lying, deceiving, etc... man GIVE IT UP!!!! it was a game, a game of ALLIANCE and not to mention some decision making skills....  almost like playing "Connect Four" which as you can see the four at the end made an alliance when Keith came into the game!!!

What the heck is going on with Tonu with those bulging eyes, man... you could see the fear she put in people, scared the heck out of me too.... Zack was funny too... what a disgrace to Italian and Scottish people though!!! Easy there "Lover" Head-Band-Wearing "Boy"... I am Lawyer... you speak good America there...

Amy... what a laughing ball of confusion... the stress that was coming out of here was priceless but I don't know what the heck Keith was saying at the end when he said that Amy really made him realize that he needs to make some changes in his life.... unless it was a ploy to win the prize which I wouldn't be surprised... way to go again Keith!!!

Charla and Dave like sexy Tara played the game very nicely.. sorry Dave that you didn't get the prize money but am sure you are doing very well in your personal life and career,  you are a very smart and friendly person and forget about how they all talked down to you on how you were and the way you played the game.... seeing it again the second time reinforced what I saw the first time... you rule too in my books!!!

Charla... well... way to hang in there... too bad you didn't give Dave half of the prize cuz he did "help" you make it to the end.

Beau - have another drink man!!! - what a laugh seeing you go the second time!!! I guess you saw that too... or at least I hope!!!! anyhoot you do have some good/sincere qualities abou you... I hope as well

Matthew "JC" Cehi - cool dude, wish you were in there to the end too... other than what you said at the end when you guys were deciding who was going to win the prize... I'm sure it was only because you were surrounded by those pack of wolves....

Scott - another cool guy, I can see you doing very well in life too - good head on your shoulders... you do realize that Keith had to keep his word.

Anyhoot it was an amazing show!!!  the second is pretty good too

Btw-Tara makes me melt!!!