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Saturday, July 21 2018

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Volleyball Cookies
Authored by: dbsmall onMonday, March 08 2010

With the new constraints, overall coefficients X1-X4, C are:

Taste, Texture, Look, Smell, Constant

0.491877309 0.140154179 0.091453008 0.665372023 2.42009271

For Men:

0.71247257 0.161787903 0.088282078 3.801264119 0.380398554

For Women:

0.361208073 0.134427153 0.146046004 2.044286389 3.118993474


And suddenly, all of my worst prejudices are confirmed, however unmathematically and arbitrarily.  Yup, men are more visual.  Smell is more important than taste.  And women have a large component of their preference that I (as a man) didn't even identify as a candidate value.