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Thursday, June 21 2018

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Keith Cuda and Charla Seymour win Paradise Hotel, he shares with Tara Gerard, she keeps it from Dave Kerpen
Authored by: Anonymous onThursday, October 02 2003
Cjould your assessment of the situation be anymore dead on correct.
I had a serious soft spot for Charla, but what she did was inexcusable.
Dave got bagged on for doing what EVERY other contestant did, he just did it better and with some integrity and sans evil hostilities.
Charla not only owed Dave 1/2, she owed him 3/4 of the $250K
I knew from the get-go Keith was a stand up guy.
He took all of the biitches onslaughts like a man and knocked them off one by one (with Dave's help of course).
Tara was deserving too, but to a lesser degree.
She stood by Keith, but only after sleazing it a bit with several other guys.

I feel for Dave, though a bit coniving, he played the game the best, and orchestraed the win for the others, but was left empty handed.
To top it all off, he doesn't have the looks or the personality to make an acting/modelling career out of this like Keith, Tara, and possibly even Charla will without a doubt get.
Charla was the hottest, but with a "non entertainment" type personality, she might shy away from her 15 minutes of fame.
Keith and Tara will most likely make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the near future doing movies, TV shows and modeling gigs.
Tara and Charla did pose for an upcoming Maxim magazine though.

Poor Dave, the guy got drug behind a train and didn't get a cent to show for it.

Charla, do yourself a favor, send Dave a check!