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Sunday, July 22 2018

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NAS movie Bet Your Life is a dud - Jared Elliott and Jeanne Bauer get bit parts
Authored by: norcalfella onSunday, August 08 2004
I think Next Action Star proved a lot of things about reality TV. Most importantly it showed that you can't just change the profession and create another American Idol. From the season long ordeal, which included an episode that was yanked to get it over with, the only bright spot was Sean Carrigan who might get a little bit of a career going out of this.

He played the lead in Bet Your Life which was not an original idea and had a terribly corny script to boot. In it, however, he proved capable. Corrine, the female winner and costar, was terrible. She overdid it at every turn and in a very bad way.

They gave the second place man and woman a small part and while Jeanne Bauer did a good job with hers it became obvious why Jared Elliott didn't win during his brief stint as a taxi driver. He also got to deliver one of the worst lines of the film.

My suggestion is to take the idea to Bravo or A&E and change it to straight actors looking for more opportunities. Don't expect NAS2 on your summer 2005 schedule.

that's my take