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Saturday, August 18 2018

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Tim Walsh and Amanda Naughton are told the joke on Joe Scmo 2 finale
Authored by: norcalfella onFriday, August 13 2004
Well I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed. I expected original Joe Schmo Matthew Kennedy Gould to play a part in the second season finale. Instead we got a pretty tired copycat (which was exactly the point) of the fat suit disguise from Average Joe and not a lot more.

Tim was a great character, and I think the producers somewhat regret the idea to add another "mark" this season. With him alone it would have been better. It didn't take much for Ingrid Wiese (see above) to figure it out, any idiot would have given her experience. The first day the girl next to her said that her agent got her the part! Nice.

In the end, there were some funny moments but I think for the show to be really great (in a potential season 3) they need to quit spoofing other shows and come up with a totally original idea. Ralph could be the host as himself and really throw them off by simply saying "you may have seen me on Joe Schmo". Then it can start out fairly straight up, but the pranks and ridiculous material can start to gradually build up each day. Hey, just my thoughts.

that's my take