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Sunday, July 22 2018

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Tere Joyce and Corey Holcomb are eliminated, just as I said they would be
Authored by: norcalfella onWednesday, September 08 2004
Hey, I'm already 2 for 2, or should I say 3 for 3 since I also predicted LCS2 would again with the 50 G's for getting the most votes. This week they put the "bottom 2" (although they never officially said that) into the hot seat and then let the remaining 7 from each season choose which 4 would be performing. From LCS1 Sean Kent survived and Tere Joyce was cut while LCS2 lost Corey Holcomb and Kathleen Madigan lived to see another week.

Then LCS1 sent Ralphie May, Rich Vos, Tess Drake and Rob Cantrell to the stage. What a disaster. Only Rich delivered the goods although Rob was occasionally funny. Even though Tess was the worst I am picking Rob to be thrown off.

LCS2 countered with Alonzo Bodden, Tammy Pescatelli, Gary Gulman and Jay London. This isn't even fair. Despite Jay's typically mediocre act this group is going to cakewalk to another win. Tammy should narrowly avoid the axe in favor of Jay, but I'm not all that confident that she will. Alonzo and Gary were great as usual, they blow the doors off the LCS1 chumps.

that's my take