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Monday, July 23 2018

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Dolly Neely voted out, double elimination on deck
Authored by: norcalfella onFriday, September 24 2004
After the women lost and were headed to tribal council Dolly Neely thought she was the swing vote between the loose older and younger alliances. However, Leann and Eliza quickly realized their butts were on the line. Eliza didn't like those odds and coerced the older group to take out the fence sitter. The ditzy Dolly wasn't going far in this game anyway, best to put her out early.

The previews of this week indicate that both tribes will be going to tribal council this week and sending a tribe member home. This is puzzling to me because this is a show based on competitions. Why not take my suggestion and play for a double whammy? Oh, because Burnett is an idiot.

that's my take