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Friday, July 20 2018

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Mercy, mercy me. Wish it were just the ecology.
Authored by: dbsmall onSunday, August 27 2006
Looks like Blair is taking cues from Bush; what do you do in the face of an imminent threat?  Vacation, of course.  Kind of makes you wonder how much of a threat he thinks there is.

And hey, wait a second.  You're saying many of those arrested didn't even have plane tickets?  And theat the British wanted to continue surveillance, but announced at the request of the Bush White  House?

Let's be clear...all WWWWhite House activity is a political move.  None of it is for any other reason.  So the urgency of this announcement is curious.  Was this misdirection, to attract our attention from something else?

I mean, I'd dismiss this site as tinfoil hat conspiracy-mongering, 'cept some of the data's compelling---doesn't look like Bin Laden on the confession video, and the heat-collapse stuff is curious, too.