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Tuesday, August 21 2018

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A T-shirt I'd like to make
Authored by: norcalfella onMonday, December 08 2008

As smart as you are and in tune with this stuff I'm SHOCKED you didn't know this was a hoax.

Of course, so is the crap about her asking for all the clothes, etc and even people suggesting her youngest child is actually her daughter's child.

I'm surprised most in this election that, depending on which poll you read, 93%-97% of the blacks voted for Obama. Now, can you imagine the backlash if the same number of women voted for McCain on account of him having Palin? Racists! Or is it sexists! We don't know, but you're bad people! Of course, when nearly every available black suddenly votes, and almost all of them go Obama (try running the numbers without this and see what you get) I start to wonder.

Did the Democrats realize Obama could get in because he's black and push him over Hillary? The fact is he did get in because he's black. Well, half black, but never mind that.

I've stopped caring about offensive when it comes to our country. Obama has his chance. He's in. Let's see it work. Just don't call me when we're "tested" in the first six months like his own guy Joe Biden said we would be. Or when his inexperience starts to show once his teleprompter is taken away.

that's my take