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Tuesday, August 21 2018

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Authored by: norcalfella onFriday, February 05 2010

Revoked sounds nasty. It's like "yeah, I was out drunk driving with hookers doing 90 in a 25 so they revoked my driver's license". Hey, you asked for my thoughts.

I don't know what CMS really means, and I'm just glad there is a place a person with general computer knowledge can post stuff for people to enjoy.

I sorely miss writing about reality TV, which at times garnered a lot of views. The real culprit was my DVRs, one of which can store 367 hours of television. I often watched my own personal marathon and that was fine for my personal enjoyment. Not so much for real time articles about breaking stuff happening on a weekly basis.

My heart about stopped when I got the error message this morning because more than anything I enjoy having an archive of my NFL picks. I've been pretty fortunate with my Super Bowl choices of late and was looking for a place to boast:

XLIII: Pittsburgh 27-19... actual 27-23

XLII: New England 37-23 ... actual New York Giants 17-14 (oops)

XLI: Indianapolis 24-16 ... actual 29-17

XL: Pittsburgh 27-19 ... actual 21-10

It never dawned on me until now that I picked the Steelers to win by the exact same score three years later. No, I didn't choose the Colts 24-16 this time (30-22) if you're wondering.

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