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Tuesday, August 21 2018

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NFL predictions 2013: Week 10
Authored by: norcalfella onSaturday, November 09 2013

Well.... Minnesota didn't look so bad (snap)... I still missed it with you though, and that's exactly why I took the points because teams that look bad tend to win on TNF.

Baltimore, Detroit, Buffalo and Carolina are the picks we differ on. I thought I'd never pick the Panthers until I broke it down, and I probably still wouldn't. The other 3, yeah, in a heartbeat I would take any of those teams so we'll see where it goes.

I can't let the "system" comment slide though. Um, no. It's Aaron Rodgers. He's an elite quarterback and will be in the Hall of Fame. If you mean the system will carry them against a few teams, fine. If you're suggesting they can roll right along without Rodgers, diminishing his value as one of the league's best... no.


that's my take