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Tuesday, August 21 2018

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NFL Predictions 2013: Week 12 (sort of)
Authored by: norcalfella onSaturday, November 23 2013

Unless I'm blanking out, the only disagreement is Denver over New England. Maybe I'll regret taking Brady.

From the 90+ media pickers, dbsmall went with the majority on all the picks.

The lowest percentage of agreements (I'll ignore everything that's 90% or above):

Chicago 68%

Baltimore 80%

Pittsburgh 73%

Arizona 58%

Oakland 55%

NY Giants 68%

Denver 70%

So those are the 7 games that figure to be the toughest to call this week. If I had to choose one OUTSIDE that list to call for an upset it would be Miami over Carolina (91% with Panthers) for sure although San Diego over Kansas City (95% with Chiefs) wouldn't stun me because every KC game has been close.

that's my take