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Tuesday, August 14 2018

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What Kind of Dog is Lamborghini?
Authored by: dbsmall onWednesday, February 11 2015

The results are in and....the best, closest guess anyone made was "dog".

According to Wisdom Panel, Lambo is a supermutt:

  • One grandparent was identified as AmStaff
  • One great-grandparent was identified as Australian Cattle Dog

And no other breed got 12.5% of her ancestry.  It looks like German Shepherd matched on about 10%, and White Swiss Shepherd matched about 3%, so let's say one great-gransparent was probably a GSD.

Other than that, the matches were all < 4%:  Airedale, French Bulldog, Norfolk Terrier, ...  there was no lab in the mix.

So let's just say the *best* guess, for now, is 50% pit, 25% ACD, 25% GSD .  But I'm sure that's inaccurate, too.  There's definitely some fruit bat in there...