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Monday, July 23 2018

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The 101 most influential minorities in sports
Authored by: norcalfella onFriday, May 02 2003
Well I\'ve heard of 40.6% of the folks on that list, and certainly I disagree with compiling such lists because it serves to segregate these people from the general populace.

Putting Tyrone Willingham at #6 is high. My story about him comes from a friend who approached him during one of his practice sessions at Stanford. My friend inquired about where Willingham\'s ring came from, to which he uttered only the words \"Rose Bowl\". Nice moment, and he\'s a great guy but to get above Gene Upshaw you need to win a couple of national titles.

There are plenty of other screwups like putting Se Ri Pak (Korean golf star) at #93. Her father doesn\'t overexpose and push her the way that Serena\'s (#21) does that\'s for sure. On that note, I want that girl tested for drugs. No way did she build those thighs naturally, and her sister Venus is clearly not on the same stuff.

Overall, I\'m glad these people are recognized for their accomplishments but I\'d rather see a mixed list. Why not compile a list of most influential atheists? Vegetarians? See what I mean? Just integrate already.