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Monday, July 16 2018

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12 books for teenagers ideal for reading on vacation
Authored by: Anonymous onSaturday, May 27 2017

Mystery, adventure, romance or fantasy? Choose the book you like most to enjoy this vacation 



Holidays are a perfect time to catch up with reading. In this note, we share a selection of books aimed at adolescents and young adults.


If you feel identified with this audience, you would like to give a book or just want to lose yourself in an exciting story, check out these  12 titles ideal for reading on vacation: 

1. Saga "The Hunger Games", by Suzanne Collins

In an attempt to save his sister the young Katniss Everdeen participates in a macabre contest where if you win, you get fame and wealth, but losing means a certain death. Follow the adventures of the young woman in the dystopic world created by Suzanne Collins.

2. Under the same star, by John Green

Hazel and Gus are two teenagers who meet in a support group for young people with cancer. This disease will teach them the importance of living the present and fighting for the dreams while there is time, so they embark on an adventure that will seek to fulfill Hazel's greatest dream: meet your favorite writer. An advert? You will not be the same when you finish reading this book.

3. Divergent, by Veronica Roth

The Divergent series sits in a dystopian Chicago, where a society lives in five groups. In each of these sections, members must follow and build a virtue: Truth (the sincere), Self-denial (the altruists), Osadia (the brave ones), Cordiality (peaceful) and Erudition (the intelligent). At age 16, every individual must choose which one will remain the rest of their lives. What will Beatrice Prior choose?



4. The advantages of being invisible, by Stephen Chbosky

After the suicide of his best friend, a 15 year old named Charlie is alone in the world, even though he lives with his parents and his popular sister. Follow Charlie's journey while he falls in love, discover what it means to be a teenager and his life travels in unexpected ways.

5. Paper Cities, by John Green

Quentin has never been a popular guy. Neither has he had any luck with the girls. Nevertheless, everything takes a new course when the mysterious and unreachable Margo, its neighbor, appears in his house in the middle of the night. The proposal? May he be an accomplice to his revenge.



6. Saga "Academy of Vampires", by Richelle Mead

Love is not an option for the "dhampir". They are exclusively guardians and are obliged to protect themselves continually from the deadly threats of the strigoi, the most violent and dangerous vampires. This becomes a problem for Rose when she discovers  that her guardian at the Academy of vampires will be Dimitri, for whom she feels more than attracted. 

7. Betrayal, by Scott Westerfeld

How far would you go to reach your dreams? Enter in this saga of mystery, adventure and romance that is causing a furor in the United States.

8. Saga "Delirium", by Lauren Oliver

Can you imagine a world where feelings do not exist? This is where this novel is located, in which the characters receive, at the age of 18, a cure that will avoid all sorts of love afflictions and will assure them a predictable and serene life. Find out what happens when Lena Holoway is about to receive this vaccine.

9. The brief and wonderful life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Díaz

Oscar Wao is a young American living in the heart of a Dominican family. In addition, he is obese, desperately nerd and poor. His dream? Become the Latin Tolkien and find the girl of your dreams.

10. James Dashner's "Running the Dying"

Meet Thomas, a 16-year-old teenager who one day wakes up in an elevator to an area surrounded by a maze. Little by little he will unravel the secrets of why he and other young people of his age were introduced there. 

11. Defy Me (To the Bone), by Lena Valenti

This is a novel written by the Spanish author Lena Valenti. Her description: "Some people get the worst of you, the best, and then there are other people: the ones who get it all out and make you feel so alive that you would follow them to hell just to continue feeling this adrenaline."

12. The Giver of Memories, by Lois Lowry

The society in which Jonas lives seems to be perfect: everything is under control; There is no war, no choice. Each person conforms to the norms of their community. When Jonas turns 12 and must be assigned to a profession; Is chosen for a  special and unique function in his community.


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