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Friday, July 20 2018

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Check Out The Link Directory

Check out the Link Directory (on the top bar, above). It's running a tweaked version of phplinks, with mods done by Squatty. Y'all can submit new links, review them, etc. New Links will be listed at the bottom of the right bar...
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Where Do You Think He Got That ree-DIC-u-lous Accent

SportLet's be clear. Filterless-cigarrette-smoking, greasy-food eating, middle-aged Frenchmen seem to beat our toughest (Navy Seals) in those super-extreme races. It may be a matter of no common sense, I've decided, after reading this article about a dude who's going to try to break the sound barrier in free-fall. That's plain nuts.
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Mmmm, deep-fried

FoodFirst, there was the Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake. Now, someone's deep-frying Twinkies. I think Twinkies are pretty disgusting, but I also think anything deep-fried is good. This may demand furthur investigation.
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Religious Experts

Other Stuff(1) Teacher says birth-of-Jesus story religous, not fit for classroom. The kid brought the story in as a response to an assignment to report on "Christmas traditions". Seems to me, the assignment violated the First Amendment, whereas the kid's response was protected, free speech by the same amendment.
(2) A couple of geniuses run an experiment to see who's going to Heaven or Hell. They fail to develop an accurate result/measurement system, and the world will, unfortunately, never know who was right...just who's dead.
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Angelina and Billy Bob Make Fun Press

EntertainmentSo she wants her blood back. That's ok, because he's a redneck from the town of Arkansas.
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Armstrong Dominates Tour de France

SportLance Amrstrong, the steroid-pumped, one-testicled, Texan cyclist was in an entirely different league than everyone else in winning his fourth TdF. Whatevery drugs he's using don't cause him to test positive. But his performance this time can lead to only three possible conclusions: 1) He's a steroid monster, 2) He's not human, or 3) He's just that much better at the sport than other world-class athletes, and he's still gettting better at 30. I think 2 and 3 are unlikely.
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Several 9/11 Hijack Suspects Identities In Question

PoliticSeveral of the folks who were suspected of hijacking the 9/11 planes may be alive. Two possible conclusions: 1) Our data's bad -or- 2) Al Queda cleverly hid identities. I suspect #1. Now, does that mean other data's bad, or is it that we've been intentionally misled?
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NFL Preview 2002: AFC North

SportThe old AFC Central loses one good team (Tennessee) and one bad one (Jacksonville). The stocks of the Ohio teams (Cincinnati and Cleveland) are rising, while Baltimore’s is plummeting. The only steady team is Pittsburgh, which should win the first division title with ease. This will be an interesting division to watch, especially if the Ohio teams can push down Baltimore twice each. The wild cards are likely to go to the second place finishers in the South and West, however, so even though the Bengals and Browns will make some noise, don’t expect a playoff appearance from either.
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There are some moral absolutes


Israel kills Salah Shehade, the leader in Gaza of the Izzedine al Qassam, the military wing of the militant Islamic terrorist group Hamas. Kofi Annan responds with, “The government of Israel must halt such actions and it must conduct itself in a manner which does not allow for the killing of innocent civilians.” A spokesman for the White House says the attack is “heavy handed” and “does not contribute to peace.” I respond with, “congratulations and thank you, Israel. Keep up the good work.”

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Princeton Hacks Yale Admission Site

Other StuffYale this spring launched a site allowing applicants to find out if they were accepted for not. Princeton admissions department broke into the system but claims it was just attempting to see how secure the site was. Although it does not seem like much of a test given that Princeton used information from students that applied to both schools. So what else has Princeton hacked in its attempt to test security? Full Story