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Tuesday, August 14 2018

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Music Settlement

EntertainmentYeah, yeah, yeah. You've heard about it on the news and elsewhere. If you bought a Music CD at a retail outlet in the late 90's, you can fill out a form at this website and maybe get some money.
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Well, I don\'t think it\'ll unseat Maxim or Sports Illustrated

EntertainmentNational Geographic is coming out with its first "Swimsuit Issue".
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I\'d never suspect Dobby of being part of the proletariat

EntertainmentApparently, several folks think house-elf Dobby in the latest Harry Potter flick looks like Russian President Vladimir Putin. I have yet to see the movie, although I've enjoyed the first 4 books. On a related note: Buy your copy of HP 5 from me.
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Janeane Garofalo tells it like it is

Entertainment"What's with the black accent?" said Garofalo, who drilled jive-talking celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Pink at the A&O Productions event. "I want to go up to Justin Timberlake and say, 'Did you come up the hard way in the Mickey Mouse Club?'

"How is the world supposed to make decisions, especially about Iraq, when we don't get relevant information? The information we get includes words like 'evil-doers' -- is this a *censored*ing bed-time story?"
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Keith Richards Rocks

EntertainmentKeith Richards tells the world that if we cancel concerts and tours, the terrorists have won.

"I say to Osama and the boys bring it on, evaporate me," Richards said on the eve of the band's Australian tour.
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Man beats Giraffe but loses to Zebra, and ABC Steps up to second place in Reality TV race

EntertainmentWith all the hype about Star Search and DB’s cousin, I completely forgot ABC’s new tandem of shows (among others) in my other article on Reality TV. Those would be The Bachelorette and Celebrity Mole: Hawaii.
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Disco sucks!

EntertainmentWell, that\'s what I thought until I sat, feeding Buko, while Gwen watched \"Disco Ball\" on TV last night. Several things occurred to me (which I\'ll eventually put e-commerce links into...)
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As we go \'round and \'round and \'round in the circle game

EntertainmentSo the local radio stations have latched on to Paul Simon's contribution to the soundtrack for The Wild Thornberrys Movie, Father and Daughter. Wow, what a great song. But it hit me this morning that it seems awfully similar to his song, Slip Slidin' Away with a more complicated, drawn out bridge. Anyone else thing they might be the same song?
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Now that\'s what I call reality TV

EntertainmentThe Simpsons gets renewed through 1/05. I surmise that it's been so successful for the same reason Dilbert was. Because it manages to be funny in showing us "reality", while not making us feel bad about it (either because we feel "in on the joke" or because we feel that the characters are trying to make things better.)
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Speaking of Star Search and the other new Reality TV shows

EntertainmentIíve watched just about every new reality television show this year, and have mixed reviews. As for Star Search Iím a little bit disappointed that our web hostís cousin (thatíd be Adam Growe in case you donít read every article on this site) didnít win because I felt like he was at least one of the top two or three when it comes to the first six comedians. But instead he didnít even make the semifinals, which were eventually won by Loni Love. I canít help but notice the similarity between her favorite movies and her ancestors coming over from Africa. Offended? Oh, Iím sorry, white people canít make black jokes, my bad. The fact that Ty and Jeff both made racial jokes and won was pretty interesting to me. Loni capitalized on 9/11 and is basically a black version of Roseanne Barr if you think about it. Letís talk a little more about the show and other shows Ö