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Friday, August 17 2018

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What kind of a job can I get in Liechtenstein?

PoliticHere's a great visualization of relative birth safety and wealth of various countries.
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Entertaining, with a delightful hint of bogosity

PoliticThere are so many concerns about the near-term future of the US:
  1. You have the Tinfoil Hat crowd crowing about a purported stockpiling of coffins by FEMA.
  2. You have the Wingnuts roaring about PD51 being leveraged, either before or after Obama's inaugurated.
  3. The Gold Bugs are warning about imminent hyperinflation, or government insolvency, or whatever.
  4. Various states are demanding bailouts like non-government industries.
  5. Unemployment, blah, blah.
Given all of this, there's some sort of seductive disaster entertainment found in stuff like this report from the WSJ that folks are predicting a John Titor-like breakup of the USA.  Now, it's that "nugget of truth" part that makes it entertaining.  However, it's so obviously wrong...
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A T-shirt I'd like to make

Politic<whine>But first, some whiny excuses.  I have some great stories queued up: I've found some Calvin & Hobbes cartoons that, without modification, explain the current financial crisis in the U.S.  (Sure, they require some annotation from me.)  I've got some great stuff about a recent trip to Toronto to meet my most excellent cousins.  And yes, of course, I've got to do the color-coding of the Presidential Debates liveblogging.  But I have to find time to ready them.  Do you remember how Phil Collins sayng "If you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand..."?  Listen, I'd totally favor you lending me a hand, if there were anything you could do, but you can't----I'm swamped at work, with Zachary's activities, with Toastmasters, and with helping to care for my mother and dealing with financial repercussions of my father's death.  </whine>

Remember the whole nonsense about Obama using the line  "lipstick on a pig", and people in faux outrage pretending it had to be a reference to Palin's claim that she was a b_tch?  [and, really, now, even if it was such a reference, wasn't he calling her the lipstick, and McCain the pig?]
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Bipartisan Liveblogging The Debates

PoliticYou've probably seen Liveblogging before.  Someone thinks their stream-of-consciousness is actually witty, and they write timestamped reactions to some event, in real time.

Here at, we know we're witty.  But I also like to reach across the aisle, as it were.  My friend (and Toastmasters mentor) is:
  • Died in the wool GOP
  • A big fan of President George W. Bush
  • Funny and clever
And, if you've read this site, you can guess that I'm none of those things.
We've decided to liveblog the debate, together  Here's how it will work:
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Bring the Bile

PoliticHere's an open thread where you, the participants at, get to spew the hatred.  But, while I certainly am more dismayed at one campaign more than the other, I want each of us to grow.  So, in the comments, you are to write very concise criticisms of the campaigns.  Of both of them.  That's right, the rules are:

1) You must be concise.
2) You must write an equal # of criticisms or innuendo about *both* campaigns.
2a) They must be roughly equivalent in their "damning" or "implied damning".

I'll start, below the fold...
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Maybe you're here because you're false

PoliticWatching the Democratic National Convention, I finally figured out both parties.  We'll get this confirmed once we've seen the GOP convention.  Both parties are selling lies.

(Title comes from here.)
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Uncle Bobby's Wedding

PoliticHot diggety.  Ok, so I honestly believe that 20 years from now, bigotry against homosexuals will be treated like racism is today.  Still more prevalent than some would like, but widely marginalized.  But that's not what pleases me so much about this story.  What I like is the author politely and completely disputes an erroneous argument:  that our country's founding fathers were "social conservatives":
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Tax and Spend

PoliticHave I never written about this before?  The notion that, regardless of all other variables, taxes should be reduced...seems to be a common theme in political campaigns, lately.

What I don't understand is when this became known as "fiscal conservatism".  I mean, before, being conservative meant being careful and responsible, not reckless and oblivious to the future.
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2008 Presidential Politics

PoliticStill struggling with who to vote for?  Know what you want, but don't know who that directs you to?  There are a few tools to help you:

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PoliticDemocrats are soft on terror.  Don't they realize we're at war?