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Tuesday, August 21 2018

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NFL Power Rankings 10/15/02

Four teams went into the week with a 0 on one side of their won/loss column, but only Cincinnati left with one after getting drubbed again, this time at the hands of Pittsburgh, 34-7. Amazing consistency. If you throw out the Indy loss (28-21) they have given up 30 to 34 points while scoring 3 to 7. Ouch. The Rams took care of the goose egg in their win column as well as the one in the Raiders loss column with a stunning 28-13 win. Possibly one of the best finishes ever seen was the ESPN night game where Miami shocked Denver 24-22 after a late exchange of long field goals.
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New Top 20: College Football Recap 10/13/02

The first big weekend in college football left 8 of the top 25 with a loss, although only 2 of those were against teams outside of the top 25. The first of which was #22 Wisconsin falling to hapless Indiana 32-29, an upset I did not foresee although I’ve taken the Badgers as a weak team to this point. One stunner I did see coming was Arkansas beating #21 Auburn (my pick 25-22) although they did it more convincingly than I expected. In all I went 17-2 for the week, moving me to 50-15 on the season (77%).

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NFL Predictions 2002: Week 6

I had a decent week of picks, but I picked the wrong time to jump on the Carolina bandwagon, they laid an egg with a 16-13 home loss to suddenly 3-2 Arizona. I almost had the right score in the Titans vs. Redskins game with my 31-13 pick. Slight problem, I thought Tennessee would win, not Washington. I knew Miami was automatic over New England, and they won 26-13. I also knew Indy wouldn’t put away Cincinnati, needing a late pick to hold on for a 28-21 win. Plenty of people had Buffalo staining Oakland’s perfect record, but I knew better and they won 49-31. Speaking of perfect records, as I predicted Denver took care of San Diego’s with a 26-9 win. San Francisco put St. Louis in an 0-5 hole as I said they would, with a 37-13 spanking, and New Orleans did me right with a 32-29 win over Pittsburgh. Green Bay also polished off Chicago 34-21, giving me an “upset”.

Some of the misses included a big upset in Jacksonville, as they stunned Philly 28-25. Another was Tampa Bay standing up to Atlanta 20-6 in a game where my upset hopes were dashed when Vick went down with an injury. Dallas continues their roller coaster ride, and I thought they’d squeeze it out at home but instead they fell 21-17 to the Giants. I was right about the continued struggles of the other New York team as the Jets were stung late by Kansas City, losing 29-25. I was a few inches short on the Cleveland-Baltimore game, won by the Ravens 26-21, but at least I took the points and won against the spread.

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College Football Predictions 10/12/02

It’s finally here. Judgment day in college football has arrived. You won’t often see a day where 3 games are played with every team ranked in the top 12. In all, 6 games will match teams ranked in the top 25, and another pits #24 USC against the 4th team in votes (essentially AP #29) California.
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NFL Power Rankings 10/8/02

SportGreen Bay took charge in the NFC North, Oakland is the last unbeaten team standing, and Miami got a leg up in the AFC East by knocking off New England. Philly (last week’s #2) was really the only team with a big loss, and the only team moving into the top 10 is Indianapolis, who kicked out San Diego.

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New Top 20: College Football Recap 10/6/02

My picks got off to a good start when #11 Florida State beat Clemson 48-31 (my pick 37-20) on Thursday night, but then I fell victim to the wild WAC when Fresno State upset #22 Colorado State 32-30. How do you out gain a team 463-341, only lose 1 turnover and not win? I came close to the score in #1 Miami’s 48-14 rout of Connecticut (my pick 45-6). At least I can say I pegged on team’s score in #2 Texas’ scary 17-15 win over Oklahoma State (my pick 40-15) which I thought would be a rout. Looks like they were looking ahead. I pegged #3 Oklahoma’s scoring total during their 31-24 win over Missouri (my pick 31-24). #5 Ohio State handled Northwestern 27-16 (my pick 35-10) and #6 Georgia struggled past Alabama 27-25 as I said they would (my pick 20-14). I pegged another team’s point total with #7 Oregon wiping out Arizona 31-14 (my pick 31-20), but was way off the mark in the upset loss by #8 Florida to Mississippi by a 17-14 count. I had another dead on pick with #9 Notre Dame walking over Stanford 31-7 (my pick 38-13). #10 Tennessee had a lot more trouble with Arkansas in the second longest game in NCAA history before prevailing 41-38 in 6 overtimes (my pick 31-10). California did what I thought they could never do, snapping a 19 game losing streak to #12 Washington with a 34-27 win. I had another right on prediction with #21 Penn State shooting it out over #15 Wisconsin 34-31 (my pick 33-28). Colorado upset #16 Kansas State 35-31 continuing their neurotic season, which I didn’t see coming. #15 Washington State came up with a 30-27 win in overtime over USC (my pick USC 27-22) in yet another game where I pegged a team’s scoring total. I rarely pick a shutout, but I hit on this one as #19 LSU spanked UL-Lafayette 48-0 (my pick 38-0). I got my upset with Texas Tech downing #23 Texas A&M 48-47 although by a much different score (my pick 19-16). I was close again with #25 Air Force suffocating Navy 48-7 (my pick 45-14).

So all in all I went 13-5 (72%) and was pretty much dead on with 9 of my 18 picks. I also pegged the score for 5 of the 36 teams. On the year I move to 32-13 (71%) into a monster weekend of college football. So here’s my new top 20.

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A little slipstream, and there\'s Fred

SportHoly crap! I never cease to be amazed at the boundaries of good sense people will push. Here's a dude who died, Wednesday, trying to jump over the Great Wall.Here's another shot.
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College Football Predictions 10/5/02

Coming in at 29-8 (78.4%) sounds good, but in college football many of the games are mismatches, and in my mind you should really be about 85-90% if you know your business. With that, I’m looking to improve this week.
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NFL Predictions 2002: Week 5

Not a good week for teams that came in 3-0, as they went 0-3 since you have to throw out the Chargers-Patriots match-up of 3-0’s. What a week for scoring, as 8 teams posted 30 or more points (one in a losing cause) and 5 other teams scored 21 points or more only to lose their games. When San Diego is 4-0 and St. Louis is 0-4, you know we’ve had a bizarre first quarter of the season

I had another uneven week of predictions, really only hitting on Pittsburgh struggling past Cleveland (20-14 pick, 16-13 actual) and Tampa Bay thumping Cincinnati (34-6 pick, 35-7 actual). I am stunned at St. Louis’ continued struggles, and was caught by surprise with a pair of winless teams knocking off their unbeaten opponents. So with all of that in mind, 8-6 straight up (32-28 on the year) wasn’t all that bad. I was an awful 5-9 against the spread, putting me at 24-35-1 on the year, but I did go 8-6 on the over/under to even me out at 30-30. The oddsmakers were 8-6 straight up (32-28) to maintain a two game lead over me, but went 4-10 against the spread (20-39-1) to drop 4 behind. There were 8 overs and 6 unders last week, and for the year 32 have gone over with 28 going under.

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NFL Power Rankings 10/1/02

With a slew of highly rated teams losing (5 of my top 10 teams) I’m evaluating my rankings from scratch.