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Monday, July 16 2018


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Top Ten Links

  • Sarcasmo's Corner (2,549)
    Sarcasmo's a member of this site. She has her own very cool blog. Read it.
  • Internet Book List (2,321)
    Sort of like IMDB for books.
  • Racial Slur Database (2,302)
    How many of these apply to me? Quite a few, frankly, but it's yet another area in which my son will outdo me :)
  • Jeremy Allaire's Radio Weblog (2,130)
    The dude whose company built ColdFusion and who went on to make a difference at Macromedia has some intersting things to say.
  • Blog HotOrNot (2,102)
    You've seen HotOrNot, right? Well, this is similar, except you rate online weblogs instead of people's faces
  • You've Got to Hear This! (1,994)
    Ludicrous laudable levity!
  • Online Categorization Quizes (1,963)
    Find out what sort of XXX you are
  • World Press (1,961)
    Headlines from around the world
  • Craig's List (1,871)
    A cool, community-driven BBSy thing that allows resume posting, job listings, and BBS type threaded interaction
  • Mock Draft Heaven (1,771)
    If you enjoy NFL Mock Drafts, this site will put you in heaven.