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Tuesday, May 22 2018


Science & Technology

  • C|Net (410)
    The latest about your 'puter.
  • Dragons Live Today (578)
    A creationist/evolution-denier claims to provide evidence of real-life dragons
  • Fantasy Football Today (529)
    Best site for fantasy football? Here, thanks to norcalfella. But these guys are decidedly better than fanball...
  • Geeklog (399)
    Yup, the coolest CMS on the (free:) ) market. Used it to assemble this site, in fact.
  • Jeremy Allaire's Radio Weblog (2,109)
    The dude whose company built ColdFusion and who went on to make a difference at Macromedia has some intersting things to say.
  • Mac MAME (452)
    MAME ported to the Macintosh
  • MAME (430)
    A software emulator for classic arcade games, right on your PC...
  • OpenOffice (398)
    Very cool software (open-source branch of Sun's StarOffice competitor to M$ Office). In some ways, this is decidedly better than the one everyone uses.
  • The Human Genome (760)
    I'll show you my double-stranded helix if you'll show me yours