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Saturday, July 21 2018



  • Blog HotOrNot (2,103)
    You've seen HotOrNot, right? Well, this is similar, except you rate online weblogs instead of people's faces
  • Boing Boing (538)
    A cool weblog from a technophile
  • Donut Muse (670)
    I like his photography. And I like his keen observations of the mundane.
  • Fun Blog (Clever Shark) (843)
    Lord only knows how I found this. But the first article I read was about how to shave your head.
  • Mimi Smartypants (664)
    Funny, insightful, endearing, and gifted enough with words to make me jealous about it.
  • Sarcasmo's Corner (2,549)
    Sarcasmo's a member of this site. She has her own very cool blog. Read it.