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Saturday, July 21 2018

Polls in System

Topic Voters Poll Created bararrowup Open for Voting
Flu Shot 2 02/23 No
Cheating 4 05/30 No
resolutions 1 12/28 No
flu 3 12/28 No
pizza 8 10/27 Yes
Under what conditions would you approve of the U.S. torturing terrorism suspects? 5 05/25 Yes
2009 will be/is turning out to be: 5 04/25 No
Do you believe any of the 2008 Olympic medalists in T&F or swimming are "drug free"? 5 12/29 No
Who should Obama select as a running-mate? 3 08/09 No
What do you think of the new 6 06/09 No
What was the real motivation for the war in Iraq? 6 08/27 No
Whose position on global warming do you believe, more? 3 11/09 No
Who's your favorite character from the movie Cars? 3 07/10 No
Best M&M variety? 7 06/12 No
? 31 04/25 No
Do you find the sight of a "thong" above low-rise jeans (whale tale) to be visually appealing? 9 03/13 No
When will the job market "recover"? 8 01/30 No
Who/what do you blame for the disaster in New Orleans? 16 10/11 No
Are you worried about your pants? 12 09/12 No
Which team will win the Super Bowl next year? 26 06/14 No
Best city for pizza? 31 04/15 No
Which sport has the "hottest" female athletes? 52 03/10 No
What makes you happy? 16 01/05 No
Who should be the next 007? 19 12/03 No
norcalfella asks again:What's your favorite reality TV show?
If it's not listed, put your vote in a comment.
21 11/09 No
When will W announce the capture of ObL? 12 11/04 No
What clothing presents an attractive, female butt best? 8 10/04 No
Should the election date be delayed if there's a terrorist attack? 106 07/22 No
Would you want a Hooters in your neighborhood? 21 07/12 No
When dbsmall's Dimage X arrives, should he build his photoblog using Yafro, Mobog, or integrate it into the private area of this site? 5 06/01 No
Should "under God" be removed from the p-o-a, returning it to its pre-cold-war state? 43 04/18 No
Which state should we let secede from the Union? 9 03/24 No
Did you and your friends/neighbors/siblings form a "club" as kids? 12 03/11 No
What will President dubya's greatest 2nd term accomplishment be? 14 02/19 No
Do you think dbsmall should help zen8tao set the world speed record on a catamaran board? 9 02/19 No
Now that Saddam's been caught, the number of attacks against "coalition" forces in Iraq will 13 01/23 No
Do you know who Mark Veglia is? 13 12/15 No
norcalfella and dbsmall should branch out and be: 33 12/04 No
The site's not being updated. What's dbsmall doing? 111 12/04 No
Who'll win the next Super Bowl? 56 10/08 No
Who do you hope wins the CA recall election? 54 10/08 No
Should continue to permit anonymous comment postings? 8 09/22 No
Should dbsmall eat meat again? 12 09/12 No
Best Hot Dog? 12 09/02 No
Who would you like to perform your answering maching/voice mail greeting? 12 08/14 No
What's your favorite TV show of all time? 21 08/01 No
Why did the chicken cross the road? 28 07/15 No
Which of these traits most offends you in a politician? 40 06/24 No
norcalfella asks you to choose your favorite reality TV show 84 05/22 No
Take 3: Who will the U.S. attack next? 8 05/15 No
What's your favorite vegetarian food (dbsmall's top 8 listed) 13 04/23 No
It was popular before. Who should the U.S. attack after Iraq? 45 04/23 No
What feature should remove (or bring back)? 1 01/21 No
Who's the man (or woman) of the year? 8 01/13 No
What's the deal with Iraq? 8 11/22 No
What improvements would get you to visit (or contribute to) daily? 3 10/02 No
What country or ruling organization should the U.S. attack next? 22 09/16 No
Read this. What action should I have taken? 12 08/15 No
David's getting his car repainted. What color's right? 26 07/09 No