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Monday, February 19 2018

What's your favorite vegetarian food (dbsmall's top 8 listed)

1/1: What's your favorite vegetarian food (dbsmall's top 8 listed)

dahi vada 0 (0.00%)
falafel 4 (30.77%)
pizza 4 (30.77%)
gai-lan and tofu 0 (0.00%)
eggs and rice 1 (7.69%)
potato chips 1 (7.69%)
chilaquiles 0 (0.00%)
sour soup (sinigang) 2 (15.38%)
Other (reply with explanation) 1 (7.69%)
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What's your favorite vegetarian food (dbsmall's top 8 listed) | 5 comments | Create New Account
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pass me a slice
Authored by: norcalfella onThursday, March 13 2003
damn I\'m hungry right now, so what an appropriate survey for me to answer

in my days of pumping iron, I used to buy a party size Garlex on Friday night and it would last until Sunday afternoon - too bad now Garlex sucks, back then it was great

UNO and the place David knows of in Berkeley (Zachary\'s I believe is the name) gotta be a couple of the best I\'ve had, along with Primo\'s in Danville. I did have actual NY pizza once, but it\'s tough to impress my taste buds all that much. It wasn\'t all that much better. Lamorinda in Moraga is another great one.
I love falafel
Authored by: MickeyLex onFriday, March 14 2003
I had falafel for the first time ever recently. Being from Fiji and having an Indian lineage, I\'ve had foods very similar to falafel, but not really the whole falafel (ie with the pita, lettuce, etc). Thanks to David I am now a falafel fan...can\'t wait until we go out to lunch and get falafels again!

ice cream
Authored by: Anonymous onMonday, March 17 2003
Love pizza, but methinks pizza should have meat, so for a no meat food, I\'d go with ice cream.
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What\'s your favorite vegetarian food (dbsmall\'s top 8 listed)
Authored by: Anonymous onSunday, January 21 2018
Pizza is not really the most vegeterian food, is it? What's the point of eating vegetarian food and doing the british essay writing if you're just gonna be voting for pizza. I do not agree with the people here at all.