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Saturday, July 21 2018

Should dbsmall eat meat again?

1/1: Should dbsmall eat meat again?

No 2 (16.67%)
Yes, morgy 1 (8.33%)
Everything in moderation 4 (33.33%)
I don't care 0 (0.00%)
That is not my dog 5 (41.67%)
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The obvious answer
Authored by: norcalfella onTuesday, August 26 2003
That is not my dog.

I don't own a dog, and aside from that I'm a "cat person".

Oh, you mean you really want my opinion? Do what makes you feel good and makes sense for you. Of course, that's my opinion about a lot of things.
That is not Shrub\'s dog
Authored by: dbsmall onTuesday, September 02 2003
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Should dbsmall eat meat again?
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