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Friday, July 20 2018

It was popular before. Who should the U.S. attack after Iraq?

1/1: It was popular before. Who should the U.S. attack after Iraq?

Saudi Arabia 4 (8.89%)
China 1 (2.22%)
Pakistan 1 (2.22%)
Indonesia 1 (2.22%)
Canada 5 (11.11%)
France 16 (35.56%)
Nigeria 1 (2.22%)
Cuba 1 (2.22%)
North Korea 9 (20.00%)
Iran 3 (6.67%)
Iran 3 (6.67%)
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It was popular before. Who should the U.S. attack after Iraq? | 16 comments | Create New Account
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Down with the French!
Authored by: norcalfella onTuesday, January 21 2003
They\'re rude, they steal all the chicks, and generally have a bad reputation.

Once we take them over, we can force their male population to work as slaves in Alaska. Then we can shut down all those lame \"cafes\" and replace them with, well, anything. Next we can take their soccer players and finally have a shot to win the World Cup. Finally, and most importantly, a frigging Big Mac will no longer be \"Le Big Mac\"!

I say the heck with bombing Iraq, let\'s whack the Frenchies!
\"down with the French !\"
Authored by: Anonymous onTuesday, February 11 2003
What a sense of dignity... your \"opinion\" would tend to prove that the US is the only civilization in the world which has jumped directly from barbarism to decadence... Fortunately, not every American citizen is as stupid and offensive as you are.

Tom, Paris
Gee, I can\'t help but notice
Authored by: dbsmall onThursday, February 20 2003
Time for a new poll
Authored by: MickeyLex onThursday, March 13 2003
Looks like North Korea gets most of the votes on this poll. I think its time for a new poll. I like reading these polls and the comments, but lets get a new one for this/next month. Maybe you could bring this poll back after the war.

Another day, another inflammatory remark
Authored by: dbsmall onMonday, April 14 2003