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Tuesday, May 22 2018

norcalfella asks you to choose your favorite reality TV show

1/1: norcalfella asks you to choose your favorite reality TV show

American Idol (FOX) 15 (17.86%)
Bachelor/Bachelorette (ABC) 12 (14.29%)
Survivor (CBS) 8 (9.52%)
Amazing Race (CBS) 17 (20.24%)
Big Brother (CBS) 15 (17.86%)
The Mole/Celebrity Mole (ABC) 6 (7.14%)
Mr. Personality (FOX) 1 (1.19%)
Meet My Folks (NBC) 1 (1.19%)
Are You Hot? (ABC) 1 (1.19%)
Fear Factor (NBC) 2 (2.38%)
Reality Sucks (shoot your TV!) 6 (7.14%)
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Mole is for thinkers
Authored by: norcalfella onWednesday, April 23 2003
I asked David to submit this poll so that I can find out what our loyal visitors (and those who just drop by now and then) are drawn to.

Since I can only choose one, I picked the show I a) most enjoyed watching and b) would be most \"upset\" that I missed an episode of. I enjoyed the original Mole because you had to think along with the players. They dumbed it down for season 2, which ABC mysteriously interrupted for ~9 frigging months. Nice going dummies & you wonder why you\'re #4?. They recovered somewhat with Celebrity Mole which I thought was hysterical, even though it was too short and a little hasty at times.

I\'d take Mole: Season 1 over anything on this list right now, and here\'s hoping that ABC produces Mole 4 true to the original premise but I doubt that Anderson Cooper will be available to host it, which defeats the purpose.

Please, I encourage not only your vote but also your thoughts.
Amazing Race #1
Authored by: futurenow onThursday, April 24 2003
Although it started to lose its charm in the third season, I think the combination of exotic travel, problem solving, humor/drama, and the lack of people making themselves look stupid/pathetic while attempting to win makes this my favorite. I suppose the fact that people don\'t act stupid/pathetically is why it was not overly successful.
norcalfella asks you to choose your favorite reality TV show
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