About small.to

What is this?

Simply put, Small.to is a “blog”, or weblog. You'll find news, reference, entertainment, and lots of opinions here. Maybe you'll even join and contribute.

Who are you?

Here is a link to a more updated 'n things about dbsmall', than what follows.

I'm David Small. No, not this one, or this one, or this one, or even this one. Just a simple guy who enjoys shooting his mouth off.

If I'm persuasive, my friends “futurenow” and “norcalfella” will help out by becoming co-editors of the Technology and Sports sections, respectively.

I am linus
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

What goes in each section?

Here's what I have in mind (but don't feel limited to these):

I haven't yet figured how I'm going to use the Calendar section. In the short term, it looks like my brother-in-law will be posting San Francisco Bay Area surfing condition updates there.

How did you build this site?

Actually, as much as anything, I configured this site. I took a look at all sorts of portal building tools, blog tools, etc. Then I made a short list of requirements.

  1. It had to be open source and free. I want to see the code, and I'm cheap. (That rules out some pretty cool, but expensive solutions, and services like BlogSpot)

  2. It had to be built using some language I know. That means PHP's my best bet, but Java's ok. It also rules out some really cool Perl solutions (Greymatter, Movable Type)

  3. It had to be geared toward this sort of site (which eliminated some powerful tools like JetSpeed, which are more general purpose)

  4. It had to be widely used (which eliminated some interesting tools)

In the end, it came down to four tools. Drupal and Xoops seem cool, but fail test 4. That, and between Xoops, PostNuke, Nuke, and AtThat, it seemed like there was developer dissention.

Then, I found GeekLog...

It met all my requirements, and had a nifty security model, to boot (which, among other things, enabled me to delegate editorial control to different folks.) Went and stole a theme called “clean”, modified it a little, and voila.

Why are you wearing that thing on your head?

Because if I wear it anywhere else, it chafes.

If you're a geek, and you know it, uh, my blog code is: B1 d++ t+ k s- u- f i o x-- e- l- c-

Apparently, "You don't like my blog. You really don't like my blog."