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Tuesday, August 14 2018

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Presidential Prediction 2016


This post is about predictions, not about politics. †Please, don't post about policies or your political preferences. †But go crazy with your predictions.

Pundits have varying predictions for the election, with everyone giving Trump a post-convention bump:

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Well, ok. But just this once

Top n ListsI do like Top†n†lists.
But the clickbait around "best n books" or "best n movies"†has, in recent years, gotten absurd.
That said, when†n†is sufficiently large, it can still be useful
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Separation of Church and State

PoliticSome time ago, I bookmarked this link of statements by foundational individuals in the history of the USA, regarding the claim that our country was founded as a Christian nation.
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What's next with diet/exercise?


What will I be doing, next?

1) Postvegetarianism

2) Continued weight loss down to 143 lbs. †(Just like Mr. Rogers!)

3) Running some distance with Lambo

4) Some plyo box experiments to improve my vertical

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Slow Carb Foods


When on the diet, I ate a lot of the same meals, over and over. †Here are some of my favorites:

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The Secrets to My Decrease


About a month ago, I mentioned that Iíd recently lost a lot of weight, and would be providing a report analyzing which of my actions likely helped.

More precisely: Iíve been saying for a few years that, if I got my weight below 150 lbs. and kept it there for one month, I would starting meat again.† I was goofing around with MS Excel in August, when I realized that January 8, 2016 would be 10,000 days of being a vegetarian.† Thus, I was motivated to drop 30 pounds by December 8, 2015.

Before I present any more information, I should be clear about a few things:

  1. Iím not a doctor
  2. Iím neither a dietician nor a nutritionist
  3. What worked for me may not work for you, and may not be advisable for other reasons

So Iím going to present information, and my best guesses, and if you take actions based on this, do†so at your own risk and donít blame me.† Ok?† OK?!

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Star Wars Marathon Stream of Consciousness

EntertainmentHere are the notes I took during the Star Wars marathon.† I don't think there are any spoilers in here.† In fact, some of it doesn't even make sense to me, in the full light of day.† But you can sense the disappointment I felt in all of George Lucas' movies
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Bar Mitzvah Stuff

Other Stuff

My son became bar mitzvah a couple of weeks ago.  A few people asked questions about his d'var Torah.  With his permission, then, here it is:

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NFL Draft


The site was down for a bit, and I didn't have time to fix the DB indices.  Result: we all missed out on norcalfella's NFL draft analysis, before the first round.  That's a shame, because---let's face it----he knows of what he writes.

Instead, I'll just say this:

  1. I like Mariota better than Winston
  2. I'm missing something, that Leonard Williams went that late.  Watch some highlight videos, aka ALL of his videos.  The guy is a defensive powerhouse.
  3. I feared that the Raiders would take Kevin White, but I'm happier with Cooper (given that they already have Crabtree).

Any thoughts?  Post 'em in the comments...

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NFL Predictions 2014: Super Bowl XLIX


Championship Sunday overall was successful for me. I got both the winners (8-2 playoffs, 174-91-1 overall) and before Aaron Rodgers led a quick field goal drive at the end nearly nailed the final score of the NFC affair. It was a 22-19 game and my pick was 28-22. His antics cost me the over/under, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I was 1-1 against the spread (6-4 playoffs, 137-129 overall) and wholeheartedly regret not going with my 30-20 score in the AFC. The Patriots repeated history against the Colts and that should have been easy to see coming. Anyway, I was 1-1 on the over/under (7-3 playoffs, 151-112-3 overall). No matter what happens I have had a winning season and winning playoff campaign, but for me that amps up the pressure to get this pick right. I have had two weeks to mull it over and analyze to the point of obsession. Now is the time to just make the pick already. 

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