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The Covid-19 pandemic’s been going on for 2 years.

Most of us have more than a little fatigue…we’re tired of restrictions, tired of doomsayers.

We want “normal”, whatever that means.

Indications are that the dominant variants are less virulent.

Treatments must be improving, given that the 8 Covid-caused deaths in my network were all over a year ago.

And yet, I have trouble reconciling the following:

  • We still don’t know what the long-term effects of infection will be.
  • Restaurants allow indoor dining.
  • Mask mandates on airplanes have been meaningless for a while (you don’t need to wear them while eating/drinking), but the mandate is now struck down.
  • The local high school had a Prom event, which … was clearly a superspreading event.

So, is now the time to shrug and just let the virus run its course? If so, why couldn’t we have done that 6 months ago?

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