Welcome, My Friends, To the Grift That Never Ends

Three e-mails from Donald Trump, this morning:

  1. Ostensibly from Jim Jordan, subject: “I need help”. Much more self-aware than I realized. I hope he can get it while incarcerated.
  2. One from 45, himself, all about how he’s fighting Big Tech (fear, fear, fear!), and how WinRed is just awful, so please donate money so he can start his own platform. OBVIOUSLY, WinRed wasn’t kicking enough money to him, personally, so he’s getting rid of it. But how can his deluded devotees simultaneously believe that he’s a billionaire, and that he needs $1 from them to start an e-mail exploder service?
  3. One from Junior, that’s….well…it’s a MAD MAGAZINE-level self-deprecation:

4 Replies to “Welcome, My Friends, To the Grift That Never Ends

  1. And a 4th, from Junior, obviously to address the fact that they munged up the 3rd.
    And a 5th, from Ron DeSantis—fear, fear, fear, send money, send money, do it through our new platform, fear, grievance, victim.

    How do people fall for this? It’s LOLworthy.

    1. We got all the way to 12 fundraising (non-product sales), yesterday. Jim Jordan, Junior, DJT himself.
      Rand Paul is also selling fear, but he’s sticking with the “WinRed” platform that 45 says is awful.

      Also worth noting that, clearly, nobody proofread these e-mails. Several had typos or grammatical errors….not the your/you’re type. The type that render the sentence meaningless.

      If you’re the *intended* recipient of such a plea for money (from one who claims to be a billionaire), how do you NOT realize it’s a scam, a con? That either he’s incompetent, or doesn’t care enough about you to even pay someone minimum wage to proofread the 12 messages he sends in a day.

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