Fascism Loves Your Opinion

The headline on this article is compelling. But how can we reason with people who see the same data, and come to these conclusions?
Yes, fascism thrives on destroying objective truth. But it’s folks like Andrew Torba who are actively trying to kill the notion of expertise. They want truth to be a personal choice. They want you to grant “authority” based on your feelings, rather than by recognizing expertise.

So, they see varying mask messaging, and ignore:

  • That Trump purveyed this chaos by playing both sides of every issue
  • That real experts have updated their guidance based on new information
  • That fraudulent “experts” have clouded things with disinformation
  • That the “survival” numbers he posts are not only LOW, but inaccurate or inapplicable to most folks reading it
  • That many of the facts he takes as given are disputable at best

In essence, he misattributes the source of the chaos. He inappropriately grants authority to charlatans and sociopaths. And his own lack of domain expertise, combined with confidence, means that he is actively adding to the chaos.

(That said, it’s about time we, the USA, had a consistent objective and agreed-upon end-state for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. If Florida, Texas, North Dakota, Kentucky, etc. are going to allow peeing in their part of the pool, we either need to partition off their part of the pool, or say “no, that’s not ok”)

One Reply to “Fascism Loves Your Opinion

  1. In the days of only a few national media outlets we used to think of such folks as counterculture. Now there are so many cultures to choose from and anyone can create their own. As you say that might be ok if they decide watching TV isn’t good for their children or that they need to build a bunker for the coming collapse of the U.S. but more dangerous for the rest of us when they decide they want to ignore covid and create new mutations when they catch it let alone stress the medical system and it’s cost which we all end up paying for.

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