Performance Tips

  1. Pick topics about which you really care
  2. Open show strong, or with a monologue
  3. Never be boring
  4. Only take calls if they make the show better, and don’t let calls go longer than they should.
  5. If a topic goes wrong, reframe it.
  6. You can change your mind.
  7. Take calculated risks on the air. (If it’s legally or brand-risky, clear it with legal or management…)
  8. Practice moderation. Don’t talk past the point.
  9. Know you’ll have some off days.
  10. Treat staff well
  11. Don’t forget formatics. (Things like name, name of show, name of station, call letters and dial position.) People will tune in and out, regularly, so these things need to be stated (not in the same way), frequently.

Example talk format:

  • Open the our with name, time, call letters
  • Short opening comments, which may not be the main topic
  • Monologue
  • Ask the question—tightly focused topic
  • Give out the phone #’s
  • Take a break (using the diction “up next” instead of “take a break”)
  • Start taking callers
  • Reset the topic by asking the question going in and out of each subsequent break

SPeak to individuals, not the entire audience.

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