Ain’t So Easy

For a while, social fitness challenges were fashionable on Facebook. I think I did a planking challenge. And I did a pushups challenge.

This is similar….a family of 6-week programs to get you from where you are to single sets of 200 situps, 100 pushups, 5 minute plank, 25 pull-ups, 200 squats, etc.

So…here’s my plan. I’ll do them, in that order, on a 2 month cycle, starting in June. Until I fail one.
(norcalfella will probably just do them all simultaneously….)

2 Replies to “Ain’t So Easy

  1. I can do 60 decline pushups already, and is it 200 air squats? Pretty sure I could do that. 25 pull ups is hard. I can for sure do a 3 minute plank, so an extra two minutes isn’t too hard? 200 situps shouldn’t take long.

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