Weirdly Humerus

The things you think are funny, I sometimes can’t understand.

I mean to say that I have a particular taste for humor—wordplay, unexpected twists, self-deprecation, underlying empathy…these are the main toolbox. Slapstick, pratfalls, and laughing at other people’s misfortune? Generally those don’t get me laughing.

Recently, there have been two sketches (or bits within sketches) on SNL, which, using these guidelines, I should NOT find funny. But they’re hilarious.

The first is the impression of Rep. Gosar, during the Cohen testimony:

(It starts at around 6:50, if I failed to embed correctly.) It’s been two months, and my son and I still repeat some of these lines. I am considering printing a shirt that, on the front says “If you lie, pants are fire” and on the back says “If you troof, pants are goof.”
It’s stupid. It’s absurd. But it cracks me up.

The second is a more recent one, a game show, which is chock full of ridiculous things that don’t make any sense, and that is why they’re funny.

From the Toyota beef, to the features of the butt door, to “gotta be the same” to “they’re poor”…this shouldn’t be funny, but is.

I’m also speculating that these were scripted by the same writer. And I’m speculating that I should look into this person’s other work.

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