Thoughts on the Presidential Election

I anticipate Donald Trump will emerge with a few more years doing a job he’s not excited to do, and will find a way to delegate the day to day job to his son.
I say this, not because he’ll actually accrue more votes in a fair count, but because he’s good at 3 things: self-promotion, lying, and cheating. On this last count, he has plenty of experience with manipulating the legal system. PA mail-in ballots, mostly Democratic, will not be counted. Let’s see if I’m right.

At the same time, it honestly doesn’t matter who wins. Oh, I’m not saying both major party candidates are the same—not by a longshot.

But the long-term damage is done. We’ve undermined confidence in our justice system, our media, and knowable truth, in general. > 30% of Americans distrust fundamental institutions that are key to our country functioning.

The tribalism and division sowed in the last four years will take decades to correct. Roughly 50% of the voting populace thought it was ok to vote for a candidate that you find unthinkable (regardless of which candidate you supported). You’re likely angry at them. You can’t understand how they can be so blinded to the severe, criminal flaws in the other candidate.
And, if you supported Donald Trump, you likely take any criticism of him personally, as though it’s a criticism of you.

A single election wasn’t going to correct these problems.

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