The Start of Something Special

Copying this post from a post I made on Facebook:

A few litmus tests for memes, before you post:

  1. If it says a law was made because someone or some people were “offended”, it’s nearly always, reliably wrong. “Offended” is what bigots use to defend their own prejudices—instead of their actions being wrong, someone else’s feelings are too sensitive.
  2. If it suggests action as a result of a fear you *should* feel, don’t post it. Fear is nothing you should ever plan.
  3. If it attributes a ‘too good to be true’ quotation to a famous dead person, who says something which *totally* supports your point of view, odds are that they never said it.
  4. If it’s from an “attention-junkie” (I’m looking at you: Kardashians, Palins, Trumps, and Radio personalities) please don’t give them the attention.Last, if this keeps up, I’m totally starting to make my own macros to combat the hogwash out there, ad absurdum.

So I’m going to add a new section to the website for BS memes. that we can create.

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